We are pleased to be able to bring the Playball programme to our families.  Working with Elanza and her coaches, Chase and Shaun, our Tuesday mornings offer the chance to participate in a fun sports-based activity programme.

The children, who are signed up to participate, love the new challenges, fun and laughter that each session brings.  Today was filled with ball skill games and learning how to control our movements to gain more accuracy.

Playball is held in one of the school’s multipurpose buildings, which allows us room to fully experience the programme, whatever the weather.

At face level, Playball is a programme which seems to have, as its main objectives: improving basic movement development skills and refining sport skills and technique.   The success of this seemingly “sport programme” is in actual fact that it is not only that! The programme takes into consideration the cognitive, emotional, social and motor development of the children in each age group.  We invite families to come along and experience it for themselves.