Over the last few weeks we have been exploring our ideas about space, rockets and gravity.  To support the children’s learning theories we reached out to our school community, looking at ways in which we could add depth and complexity to the children’s learning.

This led to us becoming involved with Ross Widdup’s Year 10 Technology class. On Tuesday a group of our older children worked on drawings exploring their thoughts on what a rocket might look like.  We then went over and began working with the big girls, transcribing our ideas down on a larger piece of paper and then into a computer programme in which the big girls can construct replicas of our pictures.

The discussion and collaboration between our children and the big girls was a joy to observe.  The children did an amazing job of articulating their thoughts and desires to the big girls, carefully showing and explaining what each rocket needed and what it should look like.

The big girls will now begin the process of transferring this information onto their programming software in order to create a 3D printed rocket model for each of the children involved.

The next step in the process will be to visit with the big girls again, to see the digital imagery of their rocket models and then be there as the 3D printing process begins.

Being able to be involved in an experience such as this, is possible due to our place within the Rangi Ruru Girl’s School community. We are extremely fortunate to be able to provide our children with amazing resources to extend their learning.  The process is also a wonderful learning opportunity for our high school students in which to refine and put their own knowledge and skills into action. Exciting times are ahead…