On Friday afternoon we welcomed our Grandparent (and other special people) whānau to Rangi Ruru Preschool and celebrated our own Grandparents’ Day, while the school celebrated theirs. This was an opportunity to have some fun exploring alongside our Grandparents, making connections with, and get to know some of our other Rangi Ruru whānau, while strengthening the whanaungatanga (relationships) we share as a community.

Some of our children did not have grandparents available, but had other special people in their lives – Mum’s, Dad’s and older cousins and big sisters joining us.

We have a strong sense of community within our preschool and are fortunate that so many families actively spend time here playing and learning alongside their children.  Having the special people in our lives, such as Grandparents, parents and extended family members, with us adds a deeper connection between home and centre life and strengthens the sense of belonging our children experience within our centre.

We shared a special afternoon tea and a beautiful afternoon in the sun.

Thanks to the many family members who took the time to come and join us.