Our Education Programme

We believe children learn best in a small group setting with experienced and qualified teachers.

Our programme can be targeted to really reflect your family’s desires for your child’s learning and care, along with providing more one on one teaching moments than a larger centre may be able to.

Children’s play is meaningful and enables them to continue to grow and develop and extends the child’s understanding and skills, developing a natural curiosity about the world around them.

Teachers assist to structure the physical and emotional environment to support healthy interactions and relationships and provide inviting opportunities for children to actively participate and develop their learning through exploratory play. This occurs individually and within small and large group experiences.

Having access to the amazing resources of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School means that there are many opportunities for complexity and challenges in our learning.  We have regular weekly sessions working with faculty members in the art studios, IT Hub for digital media projects, library and PE department to name just a few.

Each child has a learning journal which celebrates their achievements and progress. Parents are invited and encouraged to take an interest and contribute to these books.

In addition to the daily programme we offer optional choices for children to extent their learning. These activities are available for a small additional cost which is charged by the provider.

Two physical education coaches introduce different sports to the children. This session provides children with opportunities to experience different sports, develop confidence in their own physical abilities, challenge themselves to try something new and to have lots of fun alongside their friends.

We have partnered with ‘Julie Wylie Musical Play’ to offer ALL our Thursday families the opportunity to be involved in Julie’s renowned Musical Play programme.  Places in Julie’s private classes are highly sought after, so we feel very honored to partner with Julie and her team. Our instructor, Victoria, delivers two sessions on a Thursday, using a programme which is research based and has been developed with regular, ongoing support from a music therapist,  speech-language therapists, physiotherapists, child development psychologists and top musicians.

Our team are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our families.  The learning outcomes are fantastic.


Play Areas