During our teacher only days we had a professional development session with Julie and her assistant, Victoria. Taking time to learn more about the elements of musical development, instrument usage and crafting of a music session was very beneficial for our team.  We made a decision to offer a programme to our centre community, so rather than just an opt-in music programme we are pleased to announce that this year we will be partnering with ‘Julie Wylie Musical Play’ and will be running a session for all children, attending on a Monday morning.

Places in Julie’s private classes are sought after so we feel very excited to be able to offer one here.  Julie Wylie has been working with children and families, students, teachers and therapists, developing her philosophy of Musical Play for over thirty years.  Her Julie’s Musical Play Philosophy is Endorsed by the University of Canterbury Music Department & The Champion Centre Early Intervention Trust.

The Musical Play class programme is research based and has been developed with regular, ongoing support from a music therapist, psychotherapists, speech-language therapists, physiotherapists, child development psychologists and top musicians. They work closely with other professionals to continuously evolve what they are doing to reflect the latest understandings about child development and the importance of music and play.

Julie Wylie’s work in the field of music and paediatrics and early childhood music is internationally recognised. She founded the pioneering paediatric music programme for children with special needs at Christchurch’s Champion Centre (Early Intervention) and established her own music school 20 years ago for parents and children up to the age of 8.

She has also developed a range of award winning CDs and children’s DVD based on her nearly 30 years of working with children and her deep understanding and passion for Musical Play.

Julie has lectured at the University of Canterbury and has been invited all over the world to present seminars and workshops on the art, science and psychology of Musical Play. She is highly sought after for professional development workshops working with teachers and therapists.

Our team are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our families and we hope that many of you might consider adding in a Monday booking so that your child can also be involved.  The learning outcomes will be fantastic. We’d love it if families could share, by social media, that we are offering Julie Wylie’s musical play programme on a Monday. Julie’s latest post was about working with our teaching team.

Here are links to Julie’s website and Facebook page  http://juliewyliemusic.com/


Today Sarah crafted a made up a story using puppets and pictures on the white board all about a bird, a bee and an octopus kite.

Alexander joined in on the story with sound effects and music on the guitar and using our new chime bars to add depth to the story.

Our children joined in the story where requested, laughed and danced to the music.

What a fantastic way to incorporate music into our daily programme.