Today we began another learning programme with the senior students of our high school, Rangi Ruru Girls’.

We adore the many opportunities that are afforded to us, when we work alongside the school students.

Our Year 11 girls have been learning about gross motor development, and as part of their learning and curriculum requirements, Linda talked them about the development of preschool children and the types of activities that would be appropriate to undertake with them.

The girls, with support of their teacher Helen Joblin, have planned a range of activities to implement with the preschool children, over the next few weeks.

Play is an important way for a child to grow physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually, all of which are vital for their future health and wellbeing. Children are naturally curious and active, and movement through play is the way they learn about their new world. Most importantly, play should be fun, and working with the ‘big girls’ absolutely is!